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Dr. Rod Roheich Improves On Mother Nature

The body that you have may not always be the body that you want. The struggle with obesity can be a life long problem for many people. They will try fad diets, starving themselves, or strenuous exercise routines that leave them lying on the exercise floor panting for breath. There are never any satisfactory results, the excess fat still remains. Plastic surgery is a very viable option, and Dr. Rod Rohrich of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, offers the best care and service with desired results. Liposuction and abdominoplasty are two of the specialized procedures to ensure weight and fat reduction.

Dr. Rod Rohrich provides all of the necessary information needed before any procedure. He and his staff will educate you in the steps for the procedure, as well as the outcome of the procedure. He will instruct you on the guidelines for after care and maintaining the results. Liposuction can be done on various parts of the body to give you the shape and size that you are hoping for. Obesity does not have to be problematic any more when there is an option available that really works. Dr. Rohrich is an experienced plastic surgeon who uses all of the modern, state of the art technologies and equipment.

There are many types of techniques for the removal of fat, but the traditional technique is the suction assisted liposuction. Dr. Rohrich also utilizes the Ultra sound liposuction technique, depending on the needs of the patient. All procedures are personalized for each individual to accommodate specific circumstances. The abdominoplasty involves what is called the tummy tuck. This can also be done with liposuction. Dr. Rohrich has performed many tummy tuck procedures to tighten the muscle and skin of the abdomen, to remove excess fat in the abdomen, to repair widened muscles, and generally flatten the abdomen. Dr. Rod Rohrich is well known as the best plastic surgeeon in the Dallas, Texas area, and he provides the utmost, professional care through innovation and discovery. Deciding to have plastic surgery should be given much consideration with assistance from a qualified, certified plastic surgeon.

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