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The health benefits that are packed in Hippeas snacks


Everyone loves snacks. It is a pity that indulging in too many of them leads to an expanding waistline and eventual obesity. It is the dream of every person to have snacks that are just as delicious without the health implications. This is the idea that Livio Bisterzo and his colleagues had in mind when they set out to make the Hippeas snacks.

The wonderful thing about these snacks is that they are:

• Gluten free: Gluten is a no go zone for people with celiac disease. Besides, people that like clean eating do exclude it from their diet.
• Vegan: this means that the snacks do not contain animal products. These include meat, dairy and the rest.
• Low calorie: Most snacks pack at least 300 calories per 100g. However, hippeas snacks contain only 100 calories per 100 grams making them waistline friendly.
• Dietary fiber: The other wonderful thing about these snacks is that they contain dietary fiber, which aids in digestion, prevents gut inflammation and lowers cholesterol levels.

The idea behind the creation was to make something that delivered on taste and delivered health to the socially conscious customer.
Their plan paid off handsomely recently when star bucks adopted the snacks and added them on their grab-and go snack list. Two of their most popular products, that is the vegan white cheddar and far out fajita are available in more than 7000 locations across the country.

The name of the brand in itself makes the consumer think about the flavors that are part of the goodness. The snacks that are available are in sweet and smoking, pepper and power, far out fajita and in herbs we trust. The manufacturers of the product state that they aimed at creating a mainstream snacking brand rather than limiting it to a group of people.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio has been working in the fast food industry for seven years. He started working on this latest product in may 2015. On this project, he has partnered with Farm Africa on an initiative known as farm for good. The brand has adopted its inspiration from the smiley face that was iconic of the onset of the hippie era.
Bisterzo states that he is extremely proud of the Hippeas product. At the same time, he is happy about the social mission of the brand. They are helping make a living for chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa and that really matters. He is proud of the recognition that the brand is getting and the opportunities coming their way as a result.