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ClassDojo is Changing the Way Parents and Teachers Meet

There are a lot of ways that parents and teachers connect about their children and students. ClassDojo is one of these options and can help parents and teachers feel and be more connected for their children.

How Parents Benefit

There are several ways parents benefit from ClassDojo. The biggest is there is constant communication with the teachers. They know what is happening with their child and how they can work to improve anything that needs it. If there is a problem, they can help teachers to understand any issues that may be happening at home or anything that they need to work on with the parent. This also gives parents a chance to talk to their children about what they are doing in school and how they can improve their schooling.

How Teachers Benefit

Teachers benefit from this app because they don’t have to call the students parents to tell them what is happening. They can just talk to them through the app. This is helpful because there is instant help for the student from both the teachers and the parents and they can help them to feel like they are involving the parents more. Sometimes teachers feel like they are not able to include the students families. This can be frustrating for everyone. That is where ClassDojo can really be a help.

ClassDojo can give parents a chance to connect to the teacher and also their child. They can help things to run smoothly and for the students themselves to fell like they are a part of something and feel like they are connected to their school as well as their teachers and parents. It makes a complete circle of understanding between everyone and helps keep everyone in the loop of what the child and the teacher may need for them to be successful.