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Chainsmokers: Doing What They Want

The Chainsmokers are a duo of DJs that have seen main stream success in the last couple of years. Though they now know success and have produced a string of top 10 billboard chart hits, they are still striving for more. Recently, they talked to Forbes magazine about what they hope to accomplish with their next work. Not only balancing success but moving in a new direction.

Starting off their new era of music was a musical hiatus of which, they have not released music for the last nine months. This is not normal for them as according to Andre Taggert they are used to releasing tracks every month. The record label allowed them to take this break and they are back ready to continue what they believe they do, and that is reflect their generation when it comes to relations between people. Leading the change in era for them musically is a new darker sound and tone. This is spurred on by a frustration of portrayal in the public eye. This is a frustration they feel especially being so famous as said by Taggert “people relate to you from the things that other people that don’t know you say about you”. This is an issue new to this generation that they are trying to capture and personify. This issue and talking about it will bring them closer to fans because in the social media age everybody attached to social media faces this problem. Their new single “Sick Boy” and the accompanying album is a manifestation of this.

Furthermore, they are not feeling the pressure to follow up commercially for anybody. Rather they are concentrating on improving themselves and creating a new sound they can be proud of which seems to include a band sound for live shows. The struggle to balance credibility is not something they feel the pressure to face either as they don’t focus on accolades to decide what they do. The Chainsmokers are looking to collaborate with other producers and aren’t necessarily trying to reach any bodies standards freedom to create is what they seek. The Grammy nominated duo is looking to truly change the direction and trajectory of their sound and nobody can tell them what to do.