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Christmas Video Visitations Made Possible By Securus Technologies

It is Christmas season again. A season we all look forward to. Unfortunately, some of us will not have the pleasure of being in the company of our loved ones. Up until the last Christmas, I had taken for granted the many times I have spent Christmas with my family. I could not make it […]

Excellent Communication Solutions to Disastrous Problems in Louisiana

When disaster strikes there enters into our minds a great fear for our loved ones. The state of Louisiana is facing this sort of disaster at this time, with an increase in flooding and the worry that family members will not be safe when placed into harms way. For people who are currently incarcerated for […]

Securus: Taking the Fight to GTL

In today’s day and age, if you don’t stick up for yourself, you might get taken advantage of by companies. They have a lot of loopholes and ways to get you stuck in a corner. However, Securus is the kind of the company that is filled with good people that have good intentions. That is […]