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Let The Search Fixers Change Perceptions Online

The search engines can be rather annoying at times. They are supposed to reveal positive things about a business or a person. Well, at least that is how the person or business owner sees things. What others see in the search engine results might be unflattering to the subject. For those who have negative results […]

Eric Pulier: Using Technology to Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges

Mr. Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has founded over 15 companies. The astonishing thing is that Mr. Pulier has managed to raise millions of dollars for all the businesses that he has either founded or co-founded. Besides that, he is a skilled public speaker, author, and a philanthropist. He occasionally gives talks during premier […]

How to Keep A Great Business Reputation Online

When individuals own a business they want to make sure that their reputation stays good. There are many ways to keep a great reputation when owning a business.There are services that help manage businesses reputations online. There are some really good ones such as Searchcleanup.com. Don Sorensen is an owner of one of these companies […]

On Dealing with Hateful Haters

The search engines a valuable purpose that any entrepreneur, small business owner, or person involved with charitable causes should relish. The search engines open a path for very low-cost advertising. Creating a nice website, blogging on a free platform, or staying active on social all present ways to fill the search results with positive material. […]