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Innovative, Efficient & Progressive: OSI Food Solutions

Are you generally interested in the foodservice industry? Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Food Solutions? Well, if you haven’t heard about this premier food provider, then just know that it is one of the very best in its class. OSI Food Solutions has set the mark for what a high-quality food […]

The OSI Group – Putting environment and safety first

The British Safety Council is known to carry out prestigious award ceremonies for all businesses that adhere to certain standards. It grants its Globe of Honor award to businesses that demonstrate outstanding commitment to environmental safety. Similarly, the Sword of Honor award is given to businesses that show a drive and commitment towards the safety […]

OSI Industries: The Leader In Global Food Productions

Food production is big time business. Food distributions is big time business. Food management is also big time business. These are three very important aspects of doing business in the food service industry and if one aspect gets off-track, then a host of ailments are sure to follow. Businesses need their products on time and […]

OSI Industries Buys Their Way Into Europe

The European meat market has long been dominated by a few large enterprises. Breaking into the European market isn’t easy, complex trade routes, language barriers, product variations, and other major obstacles stand in the way of many companies from Asia, America, and South America from entering the European market. One company that has been making […]

Learn about Osi’s Recent Expansion Projects and Growth News

OSI is a worldwide premier custom value-added supplier of food products to the leading global retail brands and foodservice brands. OSI, a privately held company in the US, offers unparalleled resources and also reach to all the clients. OSI offers worldwide chain management of food supplies and custom food development for all clients to fit […]

OSI Group Continues To Thrive

OSI Group continues to maintain its outstanding reputation in business. The company began over 100 years ago. It was founded by Otto Kolschowski in 1909. Otto started with a meat market and ran it with his family. After several years in business he branched out and started using his market as a meat supplier to […]