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The Influential Qualities of George Soros

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists and has contributed over $ 32 billion of his fortune to support Open Society Foundation’s services globally. Moreover, Mr. Soros is the founder of the Central European University located in Budapest, an institution that is popular in providing social sciences. Open Society Foundation has improved tremendously under […]

Eva Moskowitz: Leader for Change in New York Education

Eva Moskowitz has worked hard to make sure that she can help children get exactly what they need out of the educational opportunities that they have. She has worked throughout her career to develop a nearly seamless education system and has worked that into the way that Success Academy is operated. She knows that the […]

Keith Mann’s Mission to Optimize Operations of Alternative Investment Firms

Keith Mann is a specialist in hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy, and staffing. Mann has a professional expertise of over 15 years of rendering services in the executive search sector. Formerly, he was a senior employee of Dynamic Executive Search in charge of recruiting on behalf of international financial services companies. In 2002, Mann leveraged […]

Kabbalah Centre Visitors Get Something Deeper Than Religion

The Kabbalah Centre is a great place for people to come when they want to get deeper than religion. They already want to make sure that they can get something is going to nourish their soul, and they have to be sure that they can find a place to really seek it. They might want […]