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Glenn Beck Slams George Soros as a Progressive

Recent reports from Glenn Beck accuse well-known investor and philanthropist George Soros of running a “shadow government:” that is planning to destroy the current American political system. This shows that he is drawing on an anti-Semitic attack, which seems to be a common cause for many on the right and left. Many times in the […]

Kyle Bass The Notorious Hedge Fund Investor Thinks China’s Current Banking Situation Is A Smoldering Economic Bonfire

China is very big and very rich, but something is happening to that capitalistic communist country that might suck some of that richness out of their banking empire. According to Kyle Bass, the notorious hedge fund investor as well as other big-money investors, China is heading for unprecedented capital reserve expenditures that could push the […]

George Soros is Bearish On Economy

Overview George Soros is one of the most well-known investors and political figures in the world today. He has many years of experience investing in various markets. In addition, he is a political activist he loves to support liberal causes. With the recent increase in the stock market, he has become bearish on the economy […]

Brad Reifer Speaks Tuthfully and Provides Explanation

Brad Reifler is a Financial Expert Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital. He is also the chief executive. He has an extremely impressive background. He attended Bowdoin College and can provide an exceptional amount of investing wisdom. He has years of solid experience in finance and investing. He is a credible individual who […]