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Career Achievements Of The Philanthropist Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is well known for his kind heart as a philanthropist. Anthony has been working at Nabors Industry Limited as the chief executive officer for over six years. He is globally known to be the most paid CEO. Anthony Petrello has an excellent educational background. Petrello is a graduate of Yale University class of 1976 and also studied in Harvard Law School a degree leading to Law. Beside Anthony Petrello`s career and work, he contributes greatly to the charities courses and to philanthropically activities that benefit the community.

Recently, Anthony Petrello had a chance to host Broadway celebrity, Mr. Tommy tune which was getting back to his home city in Houston, and the welcoming party was memorable. The celebrity performed most of his songs to his fans who had gathered in the Anthony Petrello home to receive him. Tony is quite prominent in Houston and the neighboring regions due to his philanthropy work.

Tony Petrello was brought up from a low and humble background, and he knows the difficulties that people face to achieve an excellent education and successful career. Tony remembered how he received a full college scholarship and decided to put up the Yale scholarship to help the needy. Through his scholarship program, he ensures that students who are bright and from modest backgrounds get the college education they always dream of and use it to excel in life.

Moreover, besides setting up Yale scholarship program, CEO Petrello also supported employees from his company at the time of the Hurricane Harvey. Through Tony, Nabors Industry Limited gave the victims a full time paid off as they recovered from the hurricane incident. The company also provided the victims with the relief fund and three meals a day.

Anthony Petrello career life has been a successful one; however, life has not been so easy on his family side. Tony`s family has been affected by their daughter Carena sickness for several years. Carena health pushed the couple to join hand with Texas Children’s Hospital as well as Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Carena was born with PVL that resulted in the development of the Cerebral palsy. Tony and his wife Cynthia have struggled with their daughter health with hopes that one day they will save her from the illness. Therefore, to fetch answers to the health challenge they are facing, the couple partners with the two medical institutions through donating as well as supporting the organizations by leading fundraising efforts.

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