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Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Doing Lots to Help Say Goodbye to Prostate Cancer

The modern practice of medicine has effectively helped humans live longer lives, healthier lives, and most satisfying lives, virtually eradicating the chances of dying by chicken pox, shingles, or an infection from an open wound. Despite how advanced doctors are in today’s world, they’re still not able to cure cancer. Some types are far more easily treated than others, with their success rates in the 90th percentile. However, prostate cancer isn’t one of these cancers, currently ranked as the second-worst to have in terms of survival rates.

To help mitigate the problems that the estimated 161,000 cases of prostate cancer will cause in 2017 aline, the National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LabCorp have banded together to create a team that will pay for 2,000 free prostate cancer screenings conducted through blood, discounts for an unlimited number of tests, and run an awareness campaign using television and the Internet to help increase the numbers of men that are cognizant of the particular characteristics of prostate cancer and how they should go about preventing it, or at least keeping their bodies as cancer-free as humanly possible.

Having started in September 1st, this promotion will run through the middle of October, on the 15th. Men simply visit any LabCorp location in the United States, all of which are participants, and ask for the voucher. They must be 40 years of age or older, and also meet other eligibility requirements that the vast majority of guys will pass.

Prostate Pep Talk is the name of the marketing campaign being circulated, which features former NFL head coaching legends like Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher talking about the dangers of prostate cancer. People can find them by watching TV during NFL games, as well as searching the Internet for the full videos.