A Look At What Eye See


It would be okay to say that Canadians love their beer. It is their countries most common beverage, mainly the craft beer is having a renaissance in Canada, notwithstanding, the drop in the rate of consumption of beer is quickly depreciating the sales and usage of craft beer keeps rising day after day.

Beverage packaging is facing a sparkling revolution, and this is highly likely to be the trending standard in the industry. Nowadays the cans in use are much below the norm as compared to those in the American heritage which featured mountains and iconic Coors colored red and white with a trapezium shape (LinkedIn). This lead to the first award winning in 1883 and 2004 followed by 2008 when they won gold medals in the American lager premium category.


Propeller IPA-This beer has won the gold medal championship for three times now, this being due to the smooth and strong caramel taste that is readily available for an IPA. The toned-down bitterness makes it worthy of trying for those who love and those who hate the IPA. It is also readily accessible at the prop shops situated at Halifax or Dartmouth, or rather you can get it in the beer stores across Canada.

Blueberry ALE- This beer has a sure taste which is not mistakable to any other flavor (http://vancouverfoodster.com/tag/eli-gershkovitch/). The commonly renowned fruit beer, which has a taste that could be mistaken to that of fruits makes the beer to have the juicy taste, and this is not the case with Blueberry. It is readily found in pump house restaurant in Moncton or rather, find it in bars across Canada.


Eli Gershcovitch is the CEO of Steam Works craft breweries, He was born in the year 1975 and resided in Vancouver.

Despite Eli being the CEO, he is a famous pilot and a lawyer. Therefore, Eli uses his law degree to drive the company; Eli has, therefore, appeared to be leading in the championships for His great performance and has made the company glorious.

Eli has set a very high standard for Steamworks brewery, as the founder, he has got much of experience and therefore, has been working to ensure a smooth run of the company and increased sales.