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Brad Reifler Helps The Average Investor Uncover Financial Freedom

Brad Reifler is a successful serial entrepreneur. He graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine, with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Shortly after graduating he founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation which specialized in global derivatives, institutional research and information dissemination. In 2000 Brad sold the company to Refco Inc., which is the world’s largest futures business.

After the buyout of his first company he founded Pali Capital serving as the Chairman and CEO for 13 years. Brad Reifler led the company to phenomenal success earning over $1 billion in commission income, had offices on four continents and more than 300 employees.
Brad Reifler currently works as the CEO of Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Management. They are an advisory board which specializes in providing expert advice to commodity and forex traders.

Brad has spoken extensively on YouTube about investing and recently provided a breakdown of the film The Money Monster discussing the similarities between the film and real life investors and sharing his investing tips for average Americans. Key tips include:

• Consider the safety of your money and don’t invest it all in the stock market.
• It is important to trust whoever is handling your transactions, so get to know your fund manager.
• Know your objective and if a certain investment does well, continue to invest money in it.

Brad Reifler knows how difficult it can be for the average investor. He personally lost money on his daughters’ 529 college savings plans. He is very familiar with both sides of the investment market which are the one percent that has government mandated capital to invest in public, commodity and hedge funds and the other ninety-nine percent who are prohibited.

Brad Reifler focuses his attention on the ninety-nine percent of non-accredited investors. The SEC realizes the general population is more knowledgeable about investing and a task force has recommended that the 32-year-old rules that specify the income and net worth requirements be removed.

Brad continues to be outspoken about how the average investor can find unique ways to plan for their future and discover financial freedom.