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Brad Reifer Speaks Tuthfully and Provides Explanation

Brad Reifler is a Financial Expert
Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital. He is also the chief executive. He has an extremely impressive background. He attended Bowdoin College and can provide an exceptional amount of investing wisdom. He has years of solid experience in finance and investing. He is a credible individual who has the ability to offer good insights.

The New Film ‘Money Monster’
Brad Reifler is glad to explain and offer the truth about the new film “Money Monster.” This is a fictional movie. This film does reveal and uncover some truths. The truths revolve around Wall St. It reveals some of the disadvantages that the small investor may face. Wall St does tend to focus on the wealthy investors. This would be the accredited investors. The television show, “Money Monster,” is hosted by Lee Gates. He is the one who picks the hot stocks. The cast of this television show had attempted to uncover the truth after pleading with a disgruntled investor named Kyle Budwell. The cast of the television show had to keep themselves from being completely blown-up during the process.

Three Major Problems Unveiled
Bradley Reifler was able to discover three major problems. These are problems that the small investor must face and contend with. These problems include:

* risks within the stock market; there are limited investment options. These limitations are given to non-credited investors. Many of the investments that they are involved in are connected to the stock market

* the non-accredited investors and access to investments; these investors had been limited to the investments that they are actually able and allowed to participate in. The accredited investors have been considered to be more intelligent and this enables them to invest in private equity, hedge funds, and private funds.

* the fees pose a problem; Most of the firms charge a very large management fee on Wall St. The result has been that brokers are the ones who are getting rich. They get rich regardless of the client’s success and this is not right.

Brad Reifler a Serial Entrepreneur Too
Brad Reifler is known as a serial entrepreneur as well as a financial expert. He is an individual who draws in success. He is highly professional and very trustworthy.   Be sure to follow Bradley on Twitter.

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