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Look No Further; Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Just The Right Man For The Job!

In the modern day and age, people are looking out for means to enhance their looks for different reasons. The final decision to have plastic surgery should be individual and critically thought out. Besides, one should ensure that their physical health conditions are in a good state before undertaking the operation. Not only in Texas, […]

Tony Petrello Gives To Neurological Research And States That More Needs To Be Done In This Medical Field

There is a subdivision of Houston that runs outside the beltway where some of Texas’s finest medical professionals are constantly at work looking for the latest cures to complex diseases. But among these health groups is a medical research facility run by the Texas Children’s Hospital which specifically studies the brain and is at work […]

Proficiently Recruiting Niche Investment Talent By GoBuyside

The New York City-based recruitment and networking platform, GoBuyside, has provided global Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, consulting firms, hedge funds, investment banks and many others in the financial industry with strategically advanced solutions for finding the right talent. Gobuyside has a knack for understanding the intense competitive nature of the recruiting process, especially […]

Newswatch T.V. Doing It Right

These days cell phones are any and everywhere. There are constantly new ones coming out every month. The technology in this industry has increased and is still increasing at a very fast rate. The company Saygus knows this and recently created their own new line of cellphone that they wanted to be show to the […]

Academy Arts University is Changing Lives

A career in entertainment, design and art can be a great opportunity for any young person. People who are passionate about this department are always looking for great educational institutions so that they can make things better for themselves. If you are thinking about a career in this industry, it is paramount to consider the […]

History and Rise of the OSI Group

The OSI Group is a globally operating meat processor directing things from its international office in Aurora, Illinois. The corporation has over a hundred sights across the globe and employees more than 20 000 people. The OSI Group has a variety of products such as pork and bacon, poultry, hot dogs, meat patties, frozen pizza, […]

Malcolm CasSelle Resolves Fragmentation and Fraud in the Virtual Gaming Market

Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins, the worldwide lead of in-game virtual assets sales. He spearheaded start-ups in the digital markets such as Xfire, MediaPass, and Groupon’s JV with China’s Tencent. OPSkins is the primary international Bitcoin trader. The company has a worldwide following that is requesting for a regionalized procedure of […]

OSI Group Expands Access To European Market With Baho Food Acquisition

OSI Group, one of the world’s foremost producers of processed and packaged foods, has acquired a majority stake in Baho Food, a Dutch company that manufactures deli meats and convenience foods. The move comes following a series of acquisitions that sees OSI greatly expand its access to the European market with new facilities in countries […]

How Drew Madden Could Help CVS

There’s something of an epic conflict occurring right now between CVS and Amazon, and it’s over a fair share of the retail end of the medical industry. Actually, CVS more appears to be finding themselves a way to keep their clientele from jumping ship to the net-based giant as Amazon takes its first steps into […]

The OSI Group – Putting environment and safety first

The British Safety Council is known to carry out prestigious award ceremonies for all businesses that adhere to certain standards. It grants its Globe of Honor award to businesses that demonstrate outstanding commitment to environmental safety. Similarly, the Sword of Honor award is given to businesses that show a drive and commitment towards the safety […]