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James Dondero Joins Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board

James Dondero is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company. For more than three decades of experience in the business world, James Dondero has helped his company achieve the best in the equity and credit markets. The Highland Capital management Company is always focused on the distressed and high-yield investments through […]

Making Dallas a better place, Philanthropist James Dondero

As an experienced entrepreneur and a philanthropist, James Dondero continues to make a positive impact in the financial industry. As the president and co-founder of President of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has more than thirty years of significant experience in both equity and credit markets. However, he majorly focuses on distressed and high yield investments. […]

The Influential Qualities of George Soros

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists and has contributed over $ 32 billion of his fortune to support Open Society Foundation’s services globally. Moreover, Mr. Soros is the founder of the Central European University located in Budapest, an institution that is popular in providing social sciences. Open Society Foundation has improved tremendously under […]

George Soros open donation to Open Fund Foundation

Soros in Hungarian, stand for a successor, in the Esperanto language it also stands for someone expected to soar. The name fits soaring investor and author plus a philanthropist worth $ 25 billion and needing no introduction, George Soros. Soros got his name after the family was forced to switch their native German-Jewish name, Schwartz. […]

How AI Technology Can Boost Your Conversion Rate Optimization

AI technology is becoming increasingly popular in every industry, including online businesses. For many years now, various technological tools have been used to help organizations convert leads. Companies that have been using these systems know how they are time-consuming. If you want to have things done faster and more efficiently, you are advised to consider […]

Why Rocketship Education’s Students Do So Much Better Than Their Peers

Many people from low-income locations don’t have the privilege of top-notch schooling. Many are forced to go to public schools that offer inadequate education. Rocketship Education has turned around common opinion of public schools in high-poverty regions through quality instruction and not having to follow rules of school boards that make high-income private schools and […]

End Citizen United Fights For Campaign Finance Reforms

Most of the nations are encountering problems during election times. Political spending in many countries has become too much in such a way that most candidates are buying seats in the governance. There are also some court laws that need to be changed to fight for election finance reforms. Thanks to the End Citizen United […]

Getting Connected to Futurist Jason Hope

Jason Hope has become something of a public sensation, at least within the tech field, ever since he rose to prominence as a futurist. A futurist in technological terms is someone who is focused on extending market trends out into the future in order to find potential ways to utilize the information. Hope has been […]

Why Tempus’ partners with other hospitals and institutions is a great success

Tempus is a large company that works towards reducing the rate of cancer patients in the world. The treatment of cancer has been quite challenging in the society. Eric found it wise to start up a company that will use technology and information at hand to come up with a suitable solution to cancer patients. […]

The Highlights of the Market America Convention 2017

The Market America Convention 2017 ran from August 10th through to August 13th, and was held at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The convention also marked Market America’s 25th anniversary. The event was very well attended. Some of the celebrities in attendance included Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and Swizz Beats among others. Many […]