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An Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker-Eric Pulier

He is a young man who has achieved a lot in his life as an entrepreneur, businessman, motivational speaker, renowned author and the most important of all as a philanthropist. Eric Pulier graduate of Harvard University and studied at Teaneck High School. At the university, the entrepreneur studied Bachelors in Arts in English and American Literature, and he graduated in 1988. Mr. Eric has been in the forefront of changing the world through technology and technological innovations since his graduation. His headwork did not start after graduating from the University instead; he began while still at school by writing a column for the Harvard Crimson as a journalist.

Eric Pulier is passionate about innovation as well as technology and in 1991 he moved to Los Angeles where he established his first business; People Doing things which are an organization that provides technological innovations to the education and the health sector in the United States of America. Mr. Eric’s achievements did not stop there, in 1994 he went ahead to found yet another company; Digital Evolution. In 1998 the firm merged with Interactive LLC. Due to his love for technology as well as his achievements Eric appointed by the President Inaugural Committee to be part of the president exhibit named ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century’ in 1997 and which was presented in Washington DC.

Mr. Pulier has been a front runner in improving people’s lives not only through technology but also through his philanthropic activities in the world. He has been assisting children with chronic illness to connect with others in the world via chats and blogs as well as individuals who are economically disadvantaged in society. Eric is also a founder and co-founder of several organizations which through them he has been able to raise millions of dollars. Pulier has been honoured by several organizations including VAR Business as part of the e30 e-visionaries. Eric Pulier is a leader who has portrayed positive leadership skills, and he has served on various boards of directors including XPrize Foundation, Painted Turtle which is a charitable organization among others. Mr. Eric is also a father who resides in Los Angles with his four children.

Eric Pulier Social Media: www.facebook.com/eric.pulier