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All About The Academy of Art University and New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University is a private for profit university. It is located in San Francisco California. The university was founded in 1929. It was originally named The Academy of Advertising Art and Richard Stephens is the founder of the university. In the early 90’s Richard Stephens’ daughter, Elisa Stephens, inherited ownership of the school, which brought a significant amount of grow. The school’s enrollment roster grew from 2,000 to an outstanding 18,000 students!


Today the school educates a little over 12,000 students. About 60% of the university’s population are females, the other 40% are males. The Academy of Art University provides affordable housing to its seniors. The university’s also has great sports programs. They compete with division 2 in The National Collegiate Athletic Association. If you’re not familiar with college sports, you should know, competing in with in the second division in NCAA means your school is pretty good at sports! This is a great accomplishment that the university has under their belt.


The university is very diverse, it offers associate, bachelor, and master degrees. The university also has up to 25 different subjects in which students can obtain their degrees. The Academy of Art University works hard to give their students flexibility. The school offers on line and in person courses for their students. The university also offers hands on experiences to their students. Since 2005 The Academy of Art University has participated in New York’s Fashion Week. This is a great benefit for the students of the university because New York is on of the United State’s Fashion Capital.


The Academy of Art University attend fashion week in New York recently in 2017. The university has the fashion industry excited! They were named The Future of Fashion by the well known news company, The Huffington Post. At this year’s fashion week the university’s students modeled two men and five womenswear collections. Some of their fashion styles range from Mexico to China to Maine. The Academy of Art University definitely has some up and coming stars in the making!