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A Life Changing Experience for Andy Wirth

Some moments define a man’s life. According to experts, bad moments tend to linger longer in the memory compared to good ones. They are also likely to cause more impact when it comes to changing how one perceives life. This goes for Andy Wirth.

Late October last year, he and two of his friends decided to go out and have fun skydiving. As they were out jumping, Andy lost control and landed in a terrible spot; a vineyard. While trying to maneuver and stabilize his landing, a vine stuck into his arm and took it off in the process. “It was the most physically painful ordeal I have ever gone through,” he recalls.

Lucky for him he had been a Ranger before and knew the basic first aid techniques in case of such an injury; one of them being to remain as calm as possible so as to reduce blood loss. Had this not been the case, he is not sure if he would have survived the ordeal. Too much blood loss usually results in kidney damage, brain damage or even death. However, he still feels like he came into a real close encounter with death.

His friends found him and immediately called for help. To avoid further blood loss, he had to be urgently airlifted to hospital. He says while in the chopper all he could think of was how precious life is and that he had to fight for it at all costs.

Having spent three solid months in the hospital and several others at home recuperating, he describes his recovery as a journey in which patience, inner strength, and hope was needed, despite all odds.

Out of his experience, his heart went out to soldiers who have lost life or a limb in battle. It inspired him to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. Together with two of his friends, they formed a team called Special Warfare Warrior to support this cause. More than ever, he is now determined to live and impact life positively.

About Andy Wirth

He is the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a company that caters for ski trips and provides accommodation for skiers.

Andy is also actively involved in philanthropic activities such as supporting sports for the disabled, and the high five foundation. As a result, he has received awards honoring his dedication to community service and partnership. Recently he was appointed as the chairman Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

More about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth