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Malcolm CasSelle Resolves Fragmentation and Fraud in the Virtual Gaming Market

Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins, the worldwide lead of in-game virtual assets sales. He spearheaded start-ups in the digital markets such as Xfire, MediaPass, and Groupon’s JV with China’s Tencent.

OPSkins is the primary international Bitcoin trader. The company has a worldwide following that is requesting for a regionalized procedure of payment. But OPSkins is advanced in the centralized market that accommodates virtual assets, and the technology integrated within has limitations that are usually seen in any form of centralized technology. Hence, the normal step that needs to be taken is the decentralization of the virtual assets marketplace.

The designers of OPSkins are starting a new platform of blockchain to assist in the trading of virtual assets. The said program is termed as WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange. The Worldwide Asset eXchange is a peer-to-peer or a P2P marketplace for the buy and sell of virtual assets that are designed based on the basics of a smart decentralized contracts and blockchain that will permit sellers and buyers to effectively transact virtual assets with each other.


WAX resolves the two major issues within the virtual asset markets, which are fraud and fragmentation, and this can be done with the utilization of a simple blockchain enabled device that allows every user to have the capacity to instantly sell and buy virtual goods without having to log out of their current games.


With the present virtual asset buy and sell network, jumble of regional and local marketplaces that are constrained at the inception due to security, language, and payment processing apprehensions which lean towards the restrictions present within their respective regions and countries. Thus, the simple solution is to create a divided market, which in this case is the blockchain.


The WAX Token is an innovative app of the blockchain for eSports which is done by designing a continuous market that permits sellers and buyers to competently tokenize so they can trade their assets in a setting that is resistant to fraud that is blockchain fueled.


WAX will similarly address the problem of geographic fragmentation making the WAX Token a common currency for each gamer thereby removing the issue on Forex.