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Monthly Archives: October 2016

A Life Changing Experience for Andy Wirth

Some moments define a man’s life. According to experts, bad moments tend to linger longer in the memory compared to good ones. They are also likely to cause more impact when it comes to changing how one perceives life. This goes for Andy Wirth. Late October last year, he and two of his friends decided […]

Eric Pulier: Using Technology to Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges

Mr. Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has founded over 15 companies. The astonishing thing is that Mr. Pulier has managed to raise millions of dollars for all the businesses that he has either founded or co-founded. Besides that, he is a skilled public speaker, author, and a philanthropist. He occasionally gives talks during premier […]

InnovaCare Health: Leading the industry in manage care

The health care industry is very fragile and faces many changes. Health care reform remains at the forefront of some of the biggest changes. Areas that had the most impact on the industry in 2016 were access to quality health care and cost. Care delivery models continue to evolve as a result of consumers demanding […]

Markus Rothkranz Recipes: Cranberry Apple Almond Oatmeal Cookies

This video showcased Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman making a recipe of raw “Cranberry Apple Almond Dehydrated Cookies”. Markus states that eating a raw diet will contribute to anti-aging benefits, as him and Cara are 44 and 51, however, they appear to be much younger and vibrant. The cookies are touted to be quick, easy […]

Don’t Worry Be Hippea

      The health benefits that are packed in Hippeas snacks   Everyone loves snacks. It is a pity that indulging in too many of them leads to an expanding waistline and eventual obesity. It is the dream of every person to have snacks that are just as delicious without the health implications. This […]