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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Thor Halvorssen Crushing Evil Around the World

Thor Halvorssen knows what oppression means. His mother was shot for protesting the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez. His father was imprisoned and tortured by the same regime. Halvorssen has dedicated his life to freeing people who are in a similar situation as his parents found themselves in. He himself has gone through adventures of his […]

Norka Luque – Venezuelan Singer and Actress

Norka Luque is a popular Venezuelan singer known for working with one of the most famous figures in Latin Music, Emilio Estefan. She was born in Caracas; studied Culinary Arts, Marketing, and Fashion in France; and lives in Miami. Her name was chosen in honor of her mother as she is a strong believer in […]

InnovaCare’s Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plan is an insurance program in the United States. It serves to substitute the original Medicare program, which has two divisions. The first division is Part A, which is responsible for insuring and paying for in-patient hospital services. However, there are exclusions of services of surgeons and physicians. Part B is responsible for […]

Wengie’s Bang Hack

Girls with long hair would certainly like to wear bangs that slightly graze their eyebrows. However, the idea of cutting their long hair might seem just too outrageous. They probably spent quite a long time cultivating that growth. However, Wengie has an answer for the girl that would like to wear bangs without cutting her […]

How to Keep A Great Business Reputation Online

When individuals own a business they want to make sure that their reputation stays good. There are many ways to keep a great reputation when owning a business.There are services that help manage businesses reputations online. There are some really good ones such as Searchcleanup.com. Don Sorensen is an owner of one of these companies […]