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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Michael Zomber: Passion For Collecting Firearms and Writing Novels

Michael Zomber is passionate about American history and Japanese culture. His obsession with such topics have essentially influenced his entire adult life as a weapons collector and author. Zomber has dedicated decades to studying and collecting American and foreign weapons. Throughout the years, he has been thrilled to share his understanding of firearms with the […]

Benefits of Enrolling for Medicare Advantage Plans

Although most people choose to get their health coverage from the original Medicare, about a third of the beneficiaries prefer to get their benefits from Medicare Advantage plan (Also known as a private health plan). The plan providers are contracted by the Federal government and are paid a fixed amount per individual to offer Medical […]

Securus: Taking the Fight to GTL

In today’s day and age, if you don’t stick up for yourself, you might get taken advantage of by companies. They have a lot of loopholes and ways to get you stuck in a corner. However, Securus is the kind of the company that is filled with good people that have good intentions. That is […]