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Innovative, Efficient & Progressive: OSI Food Solutions

Are you generally interested in the foodservice industry? Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Food Solutions? Well, if you haven’t heard about this premier food provider, then just know that it is one of the very best in its class. OSI Food Solutions has set the mark for what a high-quality food provider should be. The company is made-up of an abundance of innovative facilities, and these facilities are located all over the world. OSI Food Solutions has a total of 65 state-of-the-art facilities under its belt. The facilities are located in Ukraine, in Brazil, in Canada, in Japan, in Germany, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom and in many other places.

Every good company has some form of good leadership. OSI Food Solutions is no exception to the rule because it has two of the very best. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI, and he provides over 30 years of work experience. Lavin’s great leadership has helped the company in numerous ways thanks to his dedication and vision. Under his tenure, the company has become a multi-billion-dollar company. Thanks to his strong dedication and passion, Lavin was presented with the Global Visionary Award. On the other hand, David McDonald has done an amazing job with business acquisitions. McDonald is OSI Food Solution’s president, and he has been involved with acquiring stake into other similar foodservices companies. “With the acquisitions of Flagship Europe and BAHO Foods, we have broadened our presence in Europe’s foreign markets,” said McDonald.

OSI Food Solutions can produce a wide range of foods such as pizza, chicken fried steak, panini, cheese, pasta, soups, chili, Tofu, poultry products, turkey products, pot roast, desserts, fritters, bacon bits, steak, hotdogs, meatballs and many more. OSI Food Solutions is definitely the foodservice provider of choice, and it will continue to push the boundaries of foodservice excellence.

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Eric Lefkoksky’s The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, And Tempus

March 2018, during the late stage venture Round D funding, Tempus the Chicago based health information received $ 80 million in total investments. Eric Lefkofsky, cofounder of Groupon and Tempus, said the rush of investment funding signals the investment community understanding the current state of health care. Health Information Technology is poised to tackle some health issues only a decade ago would have been seen as science fiction. Technology tools in healthcare is giving healthcare professionals an opportunity to make major breakthroughs, and Tempus is on the forefront of this healthcare frontier.

Tempus is approaching the ongoing fight against cancer from a totally different perspective. The healthcare data analytical company has relationships with all facets of the health care sector, from the pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals, and ambulatory clinics. These facets of healthcare provide large data sets that allows Tempus to utilize their artificial intelligence technology to identify similarities between current and historic treatments. Tempus is approaching cancer from its data trail.

During the Round C series of investment funding, Tempus received $ 70 million from New enterprise Associates, and Revolution Growth. Eric Lefkofsky had the freedom of using his own money for the initial funding of Tempus, which really gave the data company the opportunity to make significant progress. Since 2015, Tempus has gotten over $ 200 million in investments. Eric Lefkofsky shared with the Chicago Tribune they are now officially a unicorn startup and they are worth $ 1.1 billion.

Eric Lefkofsky is also big in philanthropy in Chicago. Eric founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, a private charitable organization. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has made a tremendous impact in educational opportunities, medical research and human rights for women and girls in neglected populations of Chicago. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has contributed programs like High School Bound, Success Bound, Teach America and After School Matters.

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How Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Let You Save On Taxes

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks have been gathering a lot of attention recently. What are these Freedom Checks? Matt Badiali recently released a video talking about these Freedom Checks. The video has caused many Americans to scratch their heads. They are wondering what he is talking about. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.

Since there is some confusion about this, let us clear things up first things first. These Freedom Checks are not something that is run by the government. We are not talking about a government run program such as Social Security or Medicare. Social Security is not a stock that you can invest in. It is not a company that you can invest in. It is simply a welfare program that is set up by the United States and to which you are required to contribute a portion of your paycheck every week. In addition, these Freedom Checks are not a retirement program. They are not like a Roth account or like an IRA, so get these misconceived notions out of your head for now.

However, these programs are better than social security. You can get monthly checks from these freedom check programs which are four times as large as any checks that you would get from Social Security.

These checks come from companies which you invest in. They are allowed to do this under a statute that is known as 26 F. This statute says that companies can join this program if they meet the following requirements.

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These companies need to operate in the oil and gas industries. Ninety percent of their revenue has to come from the production or the processing of oil and natural gas.

The name freedom checks may be a bit surprising, but the truth is that this statute has been around since 1987. Matt found out about these investments while he was working with a financial expert on a project. During this project, he traveled around the world. He met with various CEOs of mining companies and experts on oil and natural gas.

These companies are also known as MLPs. MLP stands for Master Limited Partnership. These companies look for new oil and gas. They are also involved in the processing, transportation, and mining.

These companies need to pay out ninety percent of their income to investors. Since it is treated as a return on capital rather than an investment, it is tax free. Read this article at Money Morning.

$2.6 Billion In Revenue Is A Great Accomplishment Tony Petrello Says Of Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries leads the way in the world’s oil drilling and harvesting and the end of 2017 going into 2018 was no exception. Company chairman Tony Petrello announced the release of the company’s financial statements which noted Nabors Industries had brought in $2.6 billion in revenue for 2017, a number that was up even higher than the previous year. Losses were also down in 2017 and the company has seen its common and preferred stocks trading at a steady pace. Petrello is especially excited about what the new holdings with the merging of Tesco Corporation will do to overall production. He believes profits will also start going up with the joint venture Nabors is moving into with SANAD at Saudi Aramco.

Tony Petrello has spent over 20 years building partnerships and putting forth technology development proposals as chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Few have led a major company as effectively as he has, and he’s directed a substantial investment in automated oil rigs and horizontal wells and built the company into the largest rig fleet owner. But even before he became one of the world’s highest-paid executives at Nabors, he amazed people with his problem solving acumen.

Mathematics was Tony Petrello’s first love. He performed exceptional in the subject in school and enrolled in the advanced program at Yale University. He even studied under the famous Serge Lange while he was there, and he finished both his undergraduate and master’s degrees with high honors. Petrello decided to take his problem solving ability to the field of law, and after finishing law school he entered practice in the corporate field at Baker & McKenzie in New York. Petrello helped Wall Street and big corporate clients with tax issues, mergers and acquisitions, governing policies and labor-related litigations. The great job he did at the firm led to his being offered the position as Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries.

There’s a lot of other small facts about Tony Petrello that aren’t always brought up. He’s married to former soap opera actress Cynthia Carrafa and has a daughter who has cerebral palsy. Having someone in his family who has CP has led to him doing philanthropy work with foundations who fight for cures for brain disorders and chronic illnesses, and he’s given $7 million of his money to help these foundations. Petrello also hosted a reception party for Broadway actor Tommy Tune not long ago.

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Richard Dewayne Blair Creates Financial Security

Richard Dewayne Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that a plan for achieving financial goals is something that everyone needs. Blair attempts to give members of the community a guide for finances that will help through life’s milestones, by giving wealth management and retirement planning to Austin, Texas area clients. Blair uses a three pillar approach that looks at retirement needs and current financial situations to provide a financial plan that is comprehensive.

Pillar No. One

Laying out a financial roadmap for clients is what the first pillar is designed for. Richard Dewayne Blair takes the time to find the amount of risk his clients can tolerate to align with the goals they set for themselves financially. He also examines growth opportunities and strengths. Richard designed the financial planning part of the process to form strong, lasting relationships with clients. Clearer expectations are established when he gains a deep understanding of the concerns and goals of individual clients.

Pillar No. Two

Tailoring a long term, effective strategy for investment that fits with the needs and goals of clients if the second pillar’s function. Richard assists in obtaining maximum performance during upward market trends and reducing downward market trends’ negative impact on client portfolios by actively managing and reallocating assets.

Pillar No. 3

Implementation and monitoring are the final pillar. These come after the financial goals have been established and strategies put in place to give both growth and liquidity. He tracks and compares expectations, historical data, model and individual goals for both the company and or client.

Richard Blair

Richard Dewayne Blair had the goal of making a difference in the lives of people when he founded Wealth Solutions. He came from a long line of teachers and was drawn to education. Blair saw how teaching could aid in the growth of both confidence and knowledge and combined it with his financial aptitude. In 1993 he graduated college and entering into the industry of financial services.

Find out more about Richard Dwayne Blair: http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/03/richard-dwayne-blair-wealth-management-trusted/


Lime Crime Favorite Beauty Trends

Seasons change along with the colors that boys and girl wear. Certainly, this applies to makeup too. Once the season changes, it’s time to update your makeup wardrobe with the hottest new color trends of the season. Some girls are inspired by the season. The leaves are green. The flowers are in complete bloom. Look in your garden and you’ll spot vibrant shades of buttercup, lilac, pink, rose, and creamy white. Those are the very trendy colors that are showing up in makeup lines like Lime Crime. Let’s take a look at the beauty trends and the products that are the must have’s this season.

Hi-Lite For Unicorns Only

If you would like to add just the right amount of glamour to your look, add Hi-Lite Blossoms in hot and trendy colors that are totally inspired by the beautiful flowers that you see around you in the springtime. Apply the product over your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. A great highlighter should be added to every girl’s makeup wardrobe this season and every season of the year. Apply all 3 colors in the palette or select just 1 or 2, it’s your option.

Matte Lips Are Popping

It is a well known fact that Lime Crime produces their own original matte lipstick that is readily available in a wide range of colors. Certainly, a muted matte lipstick should be a part of every girl’s makeup wardrobe this season too. The matte lipsticks are velvety smooth. Colors like cherub, utopia, pink velvet, and scandal will inspire your imagination and might just represent the way that you feel or your present mood.

Capture The Magic With Venus XL EyeShadow Palette

Every girl should switch up her eyeshadow with the change of the seasons too. Isn’t it time for you to reveal the goddess in you with the inspiring colors included in the Venus XL EyeShadow Palette. The colors are smooth and soft. In addition, the palette includes 4 very inspirational finishes to try. The 18 colors that are included with the line will surely inspire you to create several magical looks this season.

Look No Further; Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Just The Right Man For The Job!

In the modern day and age, people are looking out for means to enhance their looks for different reasons. The final decision to have plastic surgery should be individual and critically thought out. Besides, one should ensure that their physical health conditions are in a good state before undertaking the operation.

Not only in Texas, but Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is also known and respected globally for his excellent performance in the field of cosmetic surgery. He is a reputable plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Dr. Rod is also a senior plastic surgery Departmental Professor in the famous University of Texas located at Southwest Medical Center. Moreover, he engages in clinical practices at the hospital in Zale Lipshy University and Baylor University Medical Center. Notably, most people recognize him as the best and most artistic cosmetic surgeons in Dallas and the whole of America.

Dr. Rohrich is a certified practitioner by the Board dealing with American plastic surgery. According to records, the doctor is a talented civil leader who once participated in the March of Dimes board of directors organized in Dallas, which helped much in saving children. Besides teaching in third world countries, he has also taken part in providing surgical solutions to severe burns on children as well as correcting congenital deformations. In line with his career, he has received several awards. He is a top beneficiary of major national research programs, teaching aid and plastic surgery career development. Among his many achievements, he heads a widely read journal of plastic surgeons all around the world. In his role as a resourceful professor and science giant, he enjoys entitled to the patent right of carrying out breast implants alongside significant developments on models of incorporating the modern technology in the plastic surgery industry.

Majorly, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich offers services in craniomaxillofacial surgeries and aesthetic surgery. You can contact him for your rhinoplasty, breast surgery, and body contouring. Interestingly, he has managed to publish useful articles and books with a wide range of information on the diverse forms of plastic surgery. Undoubtedly, he is indeed a notable and a highly sought doctor in Dallas.

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Tony Petrello Gives To Neurological Research And States That More Needs To Be Done In This Medical Field

There is a subdivision of Houston that runs outside the beltway where some of Texas’s finest medical professionals are constantly at work looking for the latest cures to complex diseases. But among these health groups is a medical research facility run by the Texas Children’s Hospital which specifically studies the brain and is at work with stem cells and precision medicine to cure disorders once thought incurable. But one key donor to this facility is businessman Tony Petrello who has a real interest in seeing young special needs children one day find themselves free from their ailments. This is because his own family has dealt with brain disorder issues.

Tony Petrello has a daughter named Carena who has been in a wheelchair her whole life as a result of being born with periventricular leukomalacia and developing cerebral palsy. He was very distraught when he was told by even the nation’s top doctors that there was no cure currently for his daughter, but he also realized during that time that almost nothing was being done to find a cure. So he met with two other like-minded people who had started the facility at TCH, and together they all began bringing in funds to support the institute. Petrello has thus far given that facility $7 million out of his own pocket.

Tony Petrello is usually mentioned first when major oil drilling company Nabors Industries is brought up. He’s been an executive at the company for more than 20 years and currently holds the highest positions of Chief Executive Officer, president and chairman there. He is mostly focused on gaining new contracts for the company, pushing for development of more efficient rigs and well technology and making deals that profit shareholders. Petrello got a large raise as part of new administrative policy changes at the company at a shareholder meeting in 2013 which brought his total pay to $68.7 million, the highest of any executive that year.

Tony Petrello went into the oil industry in 1991, but before that he was a specialist in mathematics and law. He was a genius in mathematics in high school and college and got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in it from Yale. Petrello was outstanding in law after getting his JD from Harvard and becoming an associate at Baker & McKenzie. He helped clients manage tax regulations on their businesses and other merger and acquisition laws for 13 years at the firm before Nabors Industries hired him.

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Proficiently Recruiting Niche Investment Talent By GoBuyside

The New York City-based recruitment and networking platform, GoBuyside, has provided global Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, consulting firms, hedge funds, investment banks and many others in the financial industry with strategically advanced solutions for finding the right talent. Gobuyside has a knack for understanding the intense competitive nature of the recruiting process, especially for investment management and IT professionals. The firm focuses on hiring niche investment talent that could meet the precise needs of each client. GoBuyside currently works with over 400 clients and has a network of talent that exceeds 10,000 firms across five-hundred cities worldwide. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

The challenges that most investment management recruiters will face besides the competition is most likely networking. Social media is very effective for marketing and promoting; however, when it comes to finding new talent the struggle is evident. This is partly due to major social media sites cracking down on privacy issues and data misuse that now it harder for its users to trust outside sources looking to hire potential talent. GoBuyside’s founder and managing partner, Arjun Kapur, shuns social media altogether and feels most companies are missing commoditization in their business models and future opportunities. The solutions is that investment marketing recruiting firms should rely on customer-centric communications as an effective strategy rather than rely on networking.

Visit: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gobuyside-explores-factors-driving-compensation-025500715.html

A credit hedge fund with roughly $2 billion in assets under management became a dedicated client of GoBuyside. Prior to hiring GoBuyside, the client was utilizing a recruiting firm that basically went on a dead end search for 60 days to find new talents. Gobuyside closed their search within 10 days and the client couldn’t be happier. The firm’s team of diligent professionals screen and source only the best candidates for their clients and their execution is unmatched. By exploring a new solution to hiring talent, GoBuyside’s 21st-century platform has led the firm to become one of the leading recruitment firms in the world. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.

Newswatch T.V. Doing It Right

These days cell phones are any and everywhere. There are constantly new ones coming out every month. The technology in this industry has increased and is still increasing at a very fast rate. The company Saygus knows this and recently created their own new line of cellphone that they wanted to be show to the public. The are several different ways to do this but they knew they wanted thorough and good work to be done. They decided to go with a steady and reliable source for their campaign for the new phones. They decided to get an Indiegogo campaign to help as well as the always affective Newswatch tv.

Newswatch tv is a famed television that started in the 90’s that has transcending its era and is still going strong to his day. This show has kept up with the times and now has online components in tandem with its legendary TV show. The attention that this show commands has led to several successful products and campaigns over the years. The 3-person hosted show started about finances but now stands to give the most up to date news and tech reviews. They are a credible source for the public to know what a good or bad product in the market and Newswatch showcases this though their product reviews.

When it came to work with Saygus this is what Newswtach did. They reviewed the new lines of phones for Saygus with clips they got from their travels to the Mobile world congress in Barcelona. The review broke down the function and features f the phone and the reception were over all very positive. Tim Rush the president of Saygus expressed that Newswatch knew how to get “the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time” and that is what contributed to the success of the product.

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