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James Dondero Joins Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board

James Dondero is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company. For more than three decades of experience in the business world, James Dondero has helped his company achieve the best in the equity and credit markets. The Highland Capital management Company is always focused on the distressed and high-yield investments through the rich individuals and independent business companies from all parts of the world. Under the unique leadership of James Dondero, the Highland Capital Management Firm has pioneered in both the centralized loan obligations and the advanced credit-oriented solutions for the retail and institutional investors from all parts of the world. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The offerings provided by James Dondero in Highlands Capital include hedge funds, CLOs, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETSs, and Reits. James Dondero is also the Chairman of NexBank and NexPoint Residential Trust based in Dallas. James Dondero is also a Chairman of the Cornerstone Health Facility. James Dondero has also served as a member of the Executive Board of the Southern University Cox School. For over two decades, James Dondero has worked as a dedicated philanthropist who supports a wide range of veteran affairs, education, and public policy. Before he founded the Highland Capital management, James Dondero created the Protective Life Company from scratch to a multi-million corporation.

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James Dondero was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of the South Methodist University Cox School. His appointment was as a result of his great contribution to the business world around Dallas. James Dondero has been a source of motivation for those who wish to enter the business world in a solution that is unparalleled in the education world. His appointment to the beard depicts his strong attachment to the university as far as business and education philanthropy is concerned.

The South Methodist University Cox School lays great contribution to the vibrant business community in Dallas. In a speech made during his inauguration, James Dondero stated that it had been a pleasure to stay in touch with the University. Because James Dondero values education, he will continue to support numerous research towards making the world a better place in business. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Making Dallas a better place, Philanthropist James Dondero

As an experienced entrepreneur and a philanthropist, James Dondero continues to make a positive impact in the financial industry. As the president and co-founder of President of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has more than thirty years of significant experience in both equity and credit markets. However, he majorly focuses on distressed and high yield investments. Under James Dondero’s leadership, Highland Management Capital has continued to offer several award-winning solutions and products for both retail and institutional investors. Moreover, Dondero has a first passion for improving Dallas in addition to his extreme work. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Before his distinguished career, James attended school at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he received his two Bachelor of Science degrees in Commerce, finance, and accounting options. His vast experience began with a training program in economics with JP Morgan in early 1984. The following year, Dondero joined the American Express where he typically managed a one-billion-dollar investment in fixed revenue funds. In 1989, James became the CIO of Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. The corporation began as a notion, but under Dondero’s administration, the firm turned into a two-billion-dollar initiative.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero started his own company, Highland Management Capital. He is currently the president of this firm that is ranked as the chief global alternative credit managers around the world. Highland Management Capital specializes in numerous financial products including credit hedge funds, collateralized mortgage obligations, distressed and distinct circumstances private equity as well as long-only funds.

Apart from his work that takes a considerable part of his time, James Dondero also makes an effort in being a part of charitable events and helping others. As a concerned citizen of Dallas city, James has participated in numerous projects meant to improve the state of the city of Dallas by making it more pleasant. Among such noble projects is the Dallas Zoo where James and the Highland Capital Management gave a one million donation. Follow James on Linkedin.

His passion for assisting others has always been evident in him using his funds to improve the Dallas area. Also, Dondero provides aid to other organizations. For instance, he and his company made a donation to the Snowball Express, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute and the Perot Museum of Natural Science among others. The society needs more people with a heart like James Dondero’s.

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The Influential Qualities of George Soros

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists and has contributed over $ 32 billion of his fortune to support Open Society Foundation’s services globally. Moreover, Mr. Soros is the founder of the Central European University located in Budapest, an institution that is popular in providing social sciences.

Open Society Foundation has improved tremendously under George’s leadership. The foundation has helped individuals and organizations who fight for a stable government, the freedom of expression and societies which promote equality and justice. Moreover, the association provides university and school fees for many performing students who cannot achieve the education on their funds. Primarily Open Society Foundation focuses on those who are discriminated for who they are.

In the beginning 1990s, George bet against the British pound making billion dollars of profit. This step popularized him as one who broke the Bank of England which received different opinions from many people. Moreover, he is involved in politics directly and at times indirectly through funding protesters who are fighting for their rights. George Soros is always focused on introducing capitalism to nations in Eastern Europe that previously worked with the former Soviet bloc.

Mr. Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary and resided around the Nazi area from 1944 to 1945. At Nazi, unfortunately, a murder incidence was experienced leaving 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Soros and his family managed to escape by securing false identity papers and also helped other families do the same to survive. After the war, George moved to London from Budapest in 1947. He worked part-time as a railway porter and as a nightclub waiter to fund his studies at the London School of Economics.

In 1956, George migrated to the United States with a goal of venturing into the finance and investment globe to make his fortune. After working tirelessly, he launched his hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management in 1970 which led him to become one of the most successful investors in the history of the US. With the fortune he made, he created the Open Society Foundations, a network of projects, foundations and partners in over 100 countries.

At the London School of Economics, Soros encountered and believed a philosophy of Karl Popper in his book “Open society and its Enemies” where Karl argues that no philosophy or ideology is the final arbiter of truth. Popper also advises that societies can only improve when they embrace the freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights.

George commenced his philanthropy in 1979 by giving scholarships to South Africans under apartheid. He helped to promote the exchange of ideas in Communist Hungary in the 1980s through funding their cultural groups and academics among others. George Soros is passionate about helping the society live happily. and Follow him Twitter.com

George Soros open donation to Open Fund Foundation

Soros in Hungarian, stand for a successor, in the Esperanto language it also stands for someone expected to soar. The name fits soaring investor and author plus a philanthropist worth $ 25 billion and needing no introduction, George Soros. Soros got his name after the family was forced to switch their native German-Jewish name, Schwartz. Before that, George Soros was known as György Schwartz, son of Tivadar Soros and Elizabeth. His father was lawyer who also wrote Esperanto, a language he made sure the little Soros learnt. In his childhood, Nazi Germany had occupied Hungary and the Soros family managed to hide their Jewish ancestry by faking the name and purchased official government papers stating they were Christians, this was to escape the anti- Semitic wave that had swept through Hungary.

Background information

The occupying Germans had Jewish children banned from going to school, thus George Soros started out as an assistant to a Hungarian agriculture Ministry official whenever he went to do inventory of a wealthy Jewish family that ran a couple of businesses, he has also worked as a railway porter and waiter, and was a salesman at some point, selling to souvenir shops. H eventually landed his first job in a merchant bank called Singer and Friendler before moving to do arbitrage trader work for F.M Mayer. From the mid 1950’s to late 60’s, where he dealt in European stocks. From there he became a securities analyst for Wertheim and Co, specializing in European securities. George Soros then became Arnhold S Bleichroeder’s vice-president for ten years and in 1970, decided to start his own fund management firm named Soros Fund Management before it changed to Quontum Fund.

Soros hold has a masters and undergraduate degree philosophy, both from London’s school of economics. He is a father of five.

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Open Society Foundation

Open Society Foundations was in 1993 and is a foundation that has a network that gives grants to members of the civil society and other entities of similar nature found world -wide. The main objective of open source foundation is to promote justice and other factors like media freedom, issues touching on public health and governance among various human rights. The foundation has representation in 37 countries and runs chapters, country and regional, in 120 countries. Open Source Foundation headquarters is in New York City, and it has had a spending of $11 billion towards realization of its set objectives. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Private donation by George Soros and works involved in.

George Soros is said to have given his foundation a total of $18 billion over the years, a record in terms of a single private individual donation for an organization. George Soros has through the foundation and its worldwide chapters, advocated for issues like women rights and those of the LGBTQ community; he also donated to the fight against Ebola by funding treatment centers construction. Soros has been involved in fighting HIV/AIDS and encouraging reforms in sectors such as education and governance, part of his work also has advocacy for minority group rights among others. Visit The New York Times to learn more about George.

How AI Technology Can Boost Your Conversion Rate Optimization

AI technology is becoming increasingly popular in every industry, including online businesses. For many years now, various technological tools have been used to help organizations convert leads. Companies that have been using these systems know how they are time-consuming. If you want to have things done faster and more efficiently, you are advised to consider AI. This tech utilizes the power of genetic algorithms to analyze data and determine the best course of action.

One area where Sentient AI technology has proven to be effective is conversion rate optimization. The consumers of today know what they want. Also, there is stiff competition among businesses, especially the ones that offer the same product or services. In light of this, organizations are encouraged to adopt changes that can help them stay on top of their competitors. AI technology offers evolutionary strategies to increase customer base and boost sale.

Many businesses are asking the question: “what makes AI different from the tools that they have been using?” well, AI uses data differently. It offers a robotic platform for tremendously multivariate conversation optimization. With this technology, it’s possible to test various ideas in the shortest time possible. Also, it’s more reliable in determining different combinations of factors that lead to an increase in conversions.

Interestingly, you don’t have to wait for what you are testing to end to add new ideas; you can add them as you continue with your other tests. According to Sentient, the most vital thing in conversion rate optimization is what they call “moments.” They describe moments as the ability of a business to create sales. What makes consumers choose other company’s products over yours tells a lot about the kind of products or services that they want. AI technology will help you to discover what you are doing wrong and how you need to make things right.

With AI technology, the time spent on analyzing significant data to determine customer trends, preference, and power of purchase will decrease, making it possible for businesses to come up with creative ways to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Also, analyzing the final result will be much easier. You don’t have to worry about adding more data as you continue to evaluate other results. You can test as many ideas as you want at the same time and be sure of getting the best combination. Sentient AI is more efficient and reliable at discovering the best combination of factors that can lead to an increase in conversions.

Why Rocketship Education’s Students Do So Much Better Than Their Peers

Many people from low-income locations don’t have the privilege of top-notch schooling. Many are forced to go to public schools that offer inadequate education. Rocketship Education has turned around common opinion of public schools in high-poverty regions through quality instruction and not having to follow rules of school boards that make high-income private schools and income-poor public elementary institutions abide by the same sets of rule

Students that are enrolled at any of Rocketship’s eighteen facilities teaching students K-5 throughout the United States succeed the average performance of their fellow low-income students.

Rocketship Education was created by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007 after they realized that few schools were taking advantage of their opportunities they had laid out in front of them. Preston Smith first noticed that low-income families didn’t often produce the best students after starting to teach their in 2001, when he returned from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rather than continue the tradition oif these children not doing great things in their careers, Smith decided to try to change this with the first installment of RSED in San Jose in 2007. There are now eighteen locations because it has a broad network of investors and administrators that care lots about how it performs.

Preston Smith recently shared important things about doing well in school that not everybody involved in education on the Million 74, a website dedicated to performing well in education no matter what the struggles.

Bringing parents to conduct interviews after first formally training them is a great way to get parents involved the rest of the semester. Parents’ involvement deep into their students’ performance at school is directly related to success.

Rocketship Education has done many things right in touting itself as one of the world’s modern leaders in elementary education. It will continue to speed away from competitors in low-income areas no matter the location across the Untied States.

End Citizen United Fights For Campaign Finance Reforms

Most of the nations are encountering problems during election times. Political spending in many countries has become too much in such a way that most candidates are buying seats in the governance. There are also some court laws that need to be changed to fight for election finance reforms. Thanks to the End Citizen United that is fighting against this problem on behalf of the people of the United States.

End Citizen United is a conservative nonprofit organization that is dedicated to changing the big money politics by electing campaign finance reforms champions. Also, the organization is aiming at elevating the issue to the nation for conversation as well as passing measures on state ballots. By so doing they will have reduced the unlimited and undisclosed money in politics. This organization is working towards their goal by raising the issue of money in politics as the national priority. They have also used the grassroots memberships who demonstrate the political power regarding money in politics.

The organization stands up for those candidates who are under attack by mega-donors who tend to bring them down. Democrats are as well fighting against united citizens to bring out a meaningful change in their leadership. The Republican leadership supports candidates who are determined to change the broken campaign finance systems. According to End Citizens United, transparency in the political spending is the primary way of reforming the campaign finance. With the help of a team of veteran Democratic operatives, the organization is reaching out the message about the influence of money in politics as well as on the measures to take to stop it.

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The success of this organization will be achieved when the control of the United States government will be restored back to the citizens as well as reasserting the traditional American values of limited government. Their achievement will also be shown by national sovereignty, security, freedom of enterprise and stable families. The organization expresses its message to the citizens through television commercials, film documentaries as well as through web advertisements. It has produced films attacking Democrats including John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton. The group has also produced a documentary that is criticizing the United Nations. It is through this films that the organization advocates for the citizens of the United States for a restoration of the traditional government of America.

ECU was founded in 1988 and has over 20 years of experience in fighting against the Supreme Court laws as well as many cases regarding political elections in the United States. It current chairman who is also the president is David Bossie. He worked with Trump in the year 2016 as the deputy campaign manager of the current president of America. Currently, ECU endorsed itself with 11 candidates who are expected to bring change to this organization. The ultimate goal is to pass constitutional amendments that will reverse the Supreme Court. The face of the American politics is expected to change as this organization continues with its campaign.

Learn more about End Citizen United: https://thenewsversion.com/2017/10/end-citizens-united-warns-big-donors-could-ruin-democracy/

Getting Connected to Futurist Jason Hope

Jason Hope has become something of a public sensation, at least within the tech field, ever since he rose to prominence as a futurist. A futurist in technological terms is someone who is focused on extending market trends out into the future in order to find potential ways to utilize the information. Hope has been in the news lately thanks to his prominent belief in the Internet of Things, a new field of technology that is potentially going to lead to a huge change in the way that we live our lives. The Internet of Things is a concept that has world-changing potential. let’s look at a typical day in the life of Jason Hope and explore why he has the utmost faith in the Internet of Things technology.

A Day in the Life

Jason Hope, as an entrepreneur, understands that the very nature of his job means that he always needs to be moving forward. Jason Hope knows that laziness just doesn’t work for people in the tech field and that’s why he starts each day bright and early with a work-out and a good meal. Hope goes on to explore his daily routine which consists of checking emails, going through social media, and responding to messages for his various businesses. Hope’s routine may seem simple and consistent but it changes every single day. Hope also makes sure to take breaks from his computer when he needs to refresh and refocus.

New Ideas

As a futurist Jason Hope would be nothing without his ability to bring about new ideas. Hope’s technique when approaching new concepts is to start by keeping the entire project basic. Hope says, “Over-complicating ideas will only waste time and encourage failure.” Hope goes on to explain that he likes to explore his ideas by bouncing them off of close friends that he trusts and who will be honest with their feedback.

Internet of Things

Right now Hope is getting his name out into the world as a vocal force behind developing the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a reference to the way that our entire world will interconnect with the web. The Internet of Things is mainly in reference right now to smart technology on a small scale, but Hope believes it will extend even more. Hope says, “It will not be long before every home in the developed world will be dependent on their IoT connected devices.”

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Why Tempus’ partners with other hospitals and institutions is a great success

Tempus is a large company that works towards reducing the rate of cancer patients in the world. The treatment of cancer has been quite challenging in the society. Eric found it wise to start up a company that will use technology and information at hand to come up with a suitable solution to cancer patients. Tempus partners with other hospitals first, to help in data collection, learn about what has been happening in the hospitals while dealing with cancer patients. The information is analyzed and used to find a way out. For instance, getting to know how cancer grows, at what point it is manageable and easy to treat, or which drugs are suitable at what degree of the disease.

Charitable Trust foundation of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric has the needs of the community at heart and is always up to help the needy in the society. Therefore, Lefkofsky gathers information about the urgent needs of the poor and then draftssustainable solutions to their needs. Hence, Eric decided to come up with a charitable trust foundation that works out to ensure the wellbeing of the poor.

Activities of the Charitable Trust Foundation

Empowerment programs

The foundation schedules free empowerment programs to the poor and the less fortune members in the community. People in marginalized areas are reached and empowered on different skills that would help them venture into productive activities that will help them meet their daily needs. In most cases, such groups of people learn how to use their skills to make money. Successful people are invited as guests in such programs to give their testimonies on how they made it.

Funding programs

The foundation empowered most people in the community through reaching the marginalized societies and the poor. It went ahead and started funding programs where individuals who are interested in starting up a business or some economic generating activities are given startup funds as loans. These loans are provided with fewer procedure requirements and at legitimate interests. Therefore, most people get encouraged to access the loans and starting up their activities. The funding programs have positively changed the lives of the poor.


The Highlights of the Market America Convention 2017

The Market America Convention 2017 ran from August 10th through to August 13th, and was held at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The convention also marked Market America’s 25th anniversary. The event was very well attended. Some of the celebrities in attendance included Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and Swizz Beats among others. Many entrepreneurs also attended the event to learn how to grow their income and learn more about Market America.

Market America used this opportunity to share information about their new products and technologies with the attendees. Many people took interest in the Shopping Annuity program, which is a rewards program that literally pays people to shop. Through this program, customers get up to 50% of their money back on certain purchases. Jamie Foxx had a surprise performance planned for the event. Fat Joe, who is one of the executives at the company, also performed one of his greatest hits, Lean Back.

The 2017 Market America Convention was a huge success. All the people who gave speeches at the convention had a lot of impressive things to say about Market America and their unique business model which is helping build wealth in unimaginable ways. Everyone in attendance learnt a lot from the convention, and it was truly an amazing experience.

To know more visit @: www.marketamerica.com/site/the-unfranchise-business/