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Eric Lefkofsky Establishes Tempus In Order To Help Oncologists Treat Cancer

Tempus, Inc is a Chicago-based company that was founded in order to bring modern technology to doctors diagnosing and treating cancer. It was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky and a longterm business partner. Eric Lefkofsky has established several businesses in the Chicago, Illinois area since the 1990s including among others Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, Groupon, and MediaBank. He continues to be the chairman for Groupon while at Tempus he is the chief executive officer.

In order to develop technology that can help oncologists personalize the cancer therapies that patients could receive, Lefkofsky formed relationships with hospitals and universities across America as well as the National Cancer Institute. Patients receive whole genomic sequencing which can then be looked at to spot errors in their DNA and RNA which has led to their cancer diagnoses. By doing so doctors can use the Tempus platform to see what treatment would work best for that patient’s diagnose.

Over the past three years, Tempus has built the biggest database of cancer patient’s whole genomic sequencing in the world. As the database grows oncologists are more and more able to pinpoint exactly what cancer therapy will result in the best patient outcome. The Tempus platform is based on machine learning that can analyze and organize all of this information far more efficiently than people ever could, even highly trained medical professionals.

Eric Lefkofsky has donated his time and expertise to many nonprofit organizations including locally, nationally, and internationally. For example, he is a trustee for a number of Chicago organizations such as The Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Eric and Liz Lefkofsky also co-established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. They focus on giving money to nonprofits involved in childhood education, medicine, the arts, and human rights.

“Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation” was a highly influential book that Eric Lefkofsky wrote in 2007. This is a book that outlines disruptive businesses and how they can change an industry almost overnight. It is about the rapid pace of technology and how businesses need to either take part in this or get left behind.

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Lime Crime’s Soon To Be Babies!

Lime Crime is not only popular for it’s unique and fun name but it’s very known for their lovely lip items! These go-to lipies are perfect for any and all occasions. If you want a sexy matte look try Matt Velvetine or if you prefer something that draws the right type of attention to your lip, try out the Diamond Crusher. You’ve been hiding under a huge rock if you haven’t at least tried one of these lovely looking lip products yet!

Lime Crime has taken it up a notch and decided to release a new product that will be coming out soon. A lip tint! This new lip tint will be to die for and will make heads turn while giving you a natural look. So be on the look out for the new tints “Plushies” Even though the new product is already in the works and ready to be a showstopper the company has been trying to keep things on the down low. There isn’t too many details that have came out yet about the products.If you are paying close enough attention to the popular Lime Crime brand then you would know that they have given hints on their Instagram. On Lime Crime’s official Instagram there is a post that is showing the packaging for these new mysterious Plushies. Take an even close look and you will see that the item’s description says “Soft Focus Lip Veil” That kinda gives it away and making us think that this new product release will be a lip tint that will give you a soft look and coverage instead of the bright, loud, shimmery products Lime Crime is popular for.

We’ve asked around to the reps at the LimeCrime company to confirm our beliefs of what the product is going to be. We’ve seen on the website that it’s going to be Lime Crime’s “Cutest Release Ever!” It seems that it is true seeing how the name is just so darn cute! We are definitely looking forward to feeling the soft natural feel of these exciting new lip tints! So stay on the look out with us when these adorable new born products hit the website on January 11th!

Barbara Stokes Brings Community Together

Barbara Stokes is an upstanding member of the Huntsville, Alabama community and lifelong resident. Her passion for community led here, along with her husband Scott, to start Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama over a decade ago. Her passion for helping others who have been displaced by natural disasters and providing employment for hundreds of people make Barbara a community stalwart. In times of need, Green Structure Homes brings the community together and Barbara is front and center, ready to lend a helping hand. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbara Stokes has extensive experience in securing government contracts and recently helped GSH secure a $28.5 million contract with FEMA to build temporary housing for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey and other disasters. The contract helped create hundreds of jobs across six Southeastern states. GSH manufactures their structures in the U.S., with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Huntsville. They have numerous federal contracts with the Federal Government, building everything from guard shacks for military installations to underground utilities used in a training environment. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University (Macon, GA) with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering. While at Mercer she founded the Biomedical Engineering Club in 1999, where she served as President for two years. Barbara worked as a research assistant at the University of Alabama in the early 1990s. She also started her own business, Pisces Corporation for five years in the mid-90s. After stops at the Muscular Dystrophy Administration of Macon and Boeing Corporation in Warner-Robins, Barbara sought start her own business again. She has contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer service in the Huntsville area, and is an active member of the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce.

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Dr. David Samadi Explains Prostate Cancer Options

Dr. David Samadi is a famous urologist who is board certified to diagnose and treat men with prostate cancer. He recently used the announcement of Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer to educate readers of The Huffington Post on their treatment options. The 2012 Republican candidate for President, Romney had surgery for cancer last summer. Dr. Thomas Ahlering performed the operation at the University of California Irvine Hospital. His prognosis is favorable, and it’s likely he went public with his medical history because he plans to run for senator of the state of Utah when Senator Orrin Hatch retires.

Cancer develops in the prostate mainly of older men. It’s rare in men under 40 years old. 60% of cases are found in men over 65. The average age for a diagnosis is 66. Mitt Romney is 70. The American Cancer Society estimates 164,690 men will receive the diagnosis in the United States in 2018. Autopsies of older men who died of other causes has revealed that many men older than 65 have prostate cancer even though they were never diagnosed and actually died of something else.

Thus, Mitt Romney joins Colin Powell and John Kerry as high-profile men who have had prostate surgery to treat cancer. All three are still alive and living active lives that demonstrate the disease is curable.

Dr. David Samadi has extensive experience treating men with prostate cancer, and in his article says that men who have cancer that remains localized, have an excellent chance of surviving it. For men in that situation, he strongly advises surgery to remove the prostate. That’s because all the cancer cells leave the man’s body with the prostate. Almost all men recover, and then live out the rest of their lives.

The alternative to surgery is radiation treatment, where a radiologist uses controlled doses of radiation to kill cancer cells. According to studies, the men who choose to undergo radiation therapy, have twice the risk of dying.

Dr. David Samadi works at Lenox Hill Hospital as the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery. After studying urology at Montefiore Medical Center and proctology at both Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, completed a fellowship in oncology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2001. In 2002 he completed a fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy the Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France. Dr. David Samadi first practiced at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media: www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology

The $18 Billion Donation From George Soros

In 1984 George Soros founded the first Open Society Institute in Hungary. This one institute quickly grew into an international force of philanthropy known as the Open Society Foundations In October 2017 the New York Times and Forbes announced that Soros had made a donation of $18 billion to these Open Society Foundations in a series of incremental payments occurring during the previous few years.

This donation will allow the Open Society Institutes to continue and expand their operations for the next several years. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Open Society Foundations worked in Central and Eastern Europe to rebuild nations that had previously been under Soviet rule. Soros is also celebrated as a pivotal role in the Rose Revolution, a non-violent exchange of power from communism to democracy in Georgia in 2003.

Through the Open Society Institutes, George Soros also funds other projects, like his Millennium Promise. The Millennium Promise, with an initial donation of $50 million, works tirelessly throughout the continent of Africa, reducing extreme poverty by providing people with medical care, modern education, and advanced sustainable agricultural methods. Soros also funds the Open Society Initiative for South Africa. Godfrey Kanyenze, the director of the Zimbabwe branch of this organization, credits it as the main force behind the Movement for Democratic Change, a movement that wants to see democracy enacted in the country.

Soros is also politically active. He was one of the first donors to support the Center for American Progress. He also financially backed fundraiser group: Democracy Alliance which strives to promote the spread of progressive ideas and infrastructure in America. In 2009 Soros gave $35 million to the state of New York, wanting the money to be used to fund programs that assist impoverished families and children. The state, using the money it had received from the Federal Recovery Act of 2009, offered an additional $140 million to the program.

George Soros got his start in the business world at Singer and Friedlander, a respected merchant bank in London. He moved to America in 1956 to begin working for the American firm F.M. Mayer. His value as a specialist in the recently popular European Stock Market was very apparent, and in 1959 he was hired by Wertheim & Co. before becoming vice president of Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder in 1963.

Soros left Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder in 1973 so that he could focus on Soros Fund Management, which he had started in 1970. In 1991 he expanded his fortune greatly by correctly predicting a fall in the value of the British Pound and shorting the market. His recent and largest donation of $18 billion will allow the Open Society Foundations to continue their work for many years.

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Market America Brings Opportunity To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs

More and more companies are downsizing and looking for a way to reduce the number of hours given to their workforce. That means a growing number of people are looking for new opportunities. Thanks to one innovative company, these people are finding lucrative opportunities outside of the world of 9 to 5.

Welcome to the world of Market America, a unique company that empowers people around the world to start their own business and thrive on their own terms. By offering a turnkey online business, Market America allows entrepreneurs to sell an ever-expanding line of high quality products to anyone across the globe.

Known as the Unfranchise Business, entrepreneurs are empowered to use a systematized business that handles warehousing and fulfillment without the usual franchise fees. This type of low cost business opportunity allows just about anyone to start their own business without laying out too much initial capital.

So how successful is this new type of business opportunity? Just ask the members of Market America’s Million Dollar Club. These are the top performers who have earned over one million dollars through their Unfranchise Business. These high performing individuals offer inspiration and motivation to the next generation of entrepreneurs who seek to follow in their footsteps.

So how does Market America make it possible for home-based entrepreneurs to earn over a million dollars? Look at the company’s extensive line of brands which provide high-quality products to the company’s participants. Everything from pet supplies to antiaging creams and nutritional goods is available for entrepreneurs to sell through their personalized websites.

For over a quarter of a century, Market America has been providing opportunities to millions of people across the world. With more than 3 million happy customers and 180,000 Unfranchise Members, the company is expanding its reach far and wide. In all, the company has generated over $3.8 billion dollars and has given out over $2.2 billion dollars in commissions. As one of the biggest providers of entrepreneurial opportunities in the world, Market America is helping many people break free from the corporate 9 to 5 merry-go-round.

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

When a loved gets older, they may not be able to do many of the things that are taken for granted. Sometimes, taking care of themselves, and even their self help skills, become difficult tasks for them to perform. With busy lives of their own, family members can not always do what is necessary for the elderly, or take care of them properly. People who live in the Sussex, and Surrey areas of the United Kingdom have found the answer for a safe and secure environment for their elderly loved ones. Sussex Healthcare is a group of twenty homes that specialize in senior, and elderly care.

Sussex Healthcare has been provided medical and social services for the elderly for over twenty five years. The homes are staffed with doctors and nurses who are fully trained in every aspect of elderly care, and their needs. The homes are designed to allow patients to maintain their quality of life to the fullest extent. They provide socialization, as well as games and activities. There is also a pool and gym for the physical maintenance of the patients. Sussex Healthcare has now added audiology services for patients and others in the community. The audiologists render a full range of services that include the basic, initial exam for hearing.

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The audiology center also fits for hearing aids, and do other ENT services. It is located near the Sussex facilities which makes it convenient for patients to receive services. Sussex Healthcare realized the need for audiological care for their patients, and as part of their continuing care, partnered with the Audiology service. Many older people are in need of services, and the demand for suitable housing and care is greater now that the baby boomers are of senior age. This is the largest population of people, and they are living longer lives. The senior home care industry has seen the demand for senior care grow immensely over the last few decades.

Sussex Healthcare has a full accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. They are aware that families want a home like environment for their elderly loved ones, so they provide an atmosphere that is as close to home as possible. It is a great place for seniors who need minimal supervision, or for those who require daily medical services. The placements are for seniors, adults with disabilities, and and mental issues like dementia, and those with developmental disabilities.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

Clay Siegall: Expanding Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the largest pharmaceutical and technology companies in the state of Washington, but its founder, Clay Siegall, wanted something different for his company. He is dreaming of Seattle Genetics to be one of the largest and the most profitable companies in the world, and he will be doing everything that he can to reach this dream. Clay Siegall established the company in 1988, and starting with only a few employees who would like to work for the company; Clay Siegall managed to raise the numbers. There are now thousands of individuals who are putting all of their combined efforts into discovering the drug that will cure cancer.

Out of his will to eradicate tropical diseases and other kinds of diseases, Clay Siegall decided to establish the Seattle Genetics in 1988, and he used all of his resources and power to become a well-known figure in the United States. Because of his dedication to achieving his goals, Clay Siegall accidentally created a drug that would allow humans to fight off the disease called Hodgkin Lymphoma, and anyone could live forever. Because of the prescription drugs that are being released by the Seattle Genetics, many people have noticed that those who are suffering from diseases tagged as tropical are starting to disappear once all of the creatures have been extracted. It is the same way where our collections being worn by something without proper credit.

Because of his hard work, the stock market prices of Seattle Genetics recorded a tremendous growth, and as an additional, the performance of the Seattle Genetics at the local level has also been noticed. Seattle Genetics is well known for their drug called Adcertis, and it is used to cure Hodgkin Lymphoma. Now that the company has been getting traction from all over the United States, Clay Siegall thinks that this is the right time for him to build branches outside the state of Washington. According to Clay Siegall, his dream of transforming the company into a successful one demands that the branches would be put up anywhere in the country where someone who knows the industry comes in to take their place.

George Soros One Of The Top philanthropists In The World

George Soros is known for many different reasons, but one of the reasons why he has become so popular across the globe is due to his philanthropic initiatives. He is amongst the wealthiest people on the earth as listed by Forbes and has a net worth of more than $25 billion. Over the years, the collective sum of money that he has given to various charitable organizations and philanthropic initiatives comes to around $12 billion. George Soros says that he loves the freedom he has due to the financial resources he has accumulated to be able to help build a better society.

George Soros has been politically active for many decades, and even though he has never been a politician himself, he has stayed involved in the political maneuvers to ensure that the Democratic candidates win the elections that are held. George Soros has been the supporter of Democratic Party since the very beginning and is one of the biggest funders of democratic ideals across the globe. He supports hundreds of organizations around the world that is pro-democracy and helps in uplifting the democratic ideals in their region. The organization he started in the year 1979, Open Society Foundation, works with hundreds of other charities across the globe in the area of refugee rehabilitation, policy reform, ending marginalization, ending racial disparity, justice reforms, economic development, healthcare support, and more.

George Soros continues to make headlines from time to time, and one of the reasons why he is all over the headlines nowadays is because of his massive donation of $18 billion to Open Society Foundation. George Soros believes that a lot of funding is required to carry out the initiatives that he has been backing and thanks to the wealth he has created over his lifetime, he believes he is blessed to carry out philanthropic work at such scale. George Soros also thinks that there is a dire need among the world population today to understand that capitalism is taking over the democracy. If the people do not wake up to the threat that capitalism has become and making way into our society, the fundamental rights of the people can be played with by the government. It is what is happening in many of the countries today, and some of the incidents in the United States also point towards the same fact.

George Soros says that it is essential for the people to embrace democracy and support it with whole heart because it is what would guarantee equality in society. George Soros has helped controversial movements like Antifa movement and Black Lives Matter. George Soros was hugely disappointed when democrat Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential Election, but it only filled him with more enthusiasm to fight for the causes he believes in. Even when is in late eighties today, George Soros is more actively politically, socially, and economically than many of his counterparts in the political and economic spectrum. He continues to be one of the most influential figures in the world politics.

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Ronald Fowlkes: Jack Of All Trades

The term or phrase, “ Jack of all trades“, is usually given to a person who can handle anything and everything. That could not be truer of Ronald Fowlkes, however, added to that phrase should also be the phrase, “Master of all”. Truly, Ronald has been involved in many aspects from the army to police officer and has formed many great relationships. On top of that, Ronald has built a great reputation among his peers and is respected and admired by many. In today’s world, Ronald has been operating under the title of Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement. Obviously, with such a very distinguished role, Ronald also has to partake and be involved in significant tasks such as handling nationwide scales of production, handling hundreds of sales, leading product development and many more tasks such as these. Currently, that business is Ronald’s role but, his past background and work history certainly prepared him for that.


Before being given the role as a leading business manager, Ronald served as a contractor for the department of defense. In this job, Ronald worked for hand in hand with the United States Army. UNder this job, Ronald was tasked with handling jobs such as arming and disarming zones of combat for the army, advising in operations for the military, analyzing and collecting evidence and even ceasing and arresting individuals. Needless to say, Ronald is highly regarded to handle very significant jobs and is well trusted by many.


Other than this, Ronald was also involved in the law enforcement for almost fifteen long years. Serving people in the great city of St. Louis where he is based, Ronald was involved with multiple law enforcement departments and build relationships where he served. In law enforcement, because of quite obvious reasons, Ronald quickly worked his way up the status chart in law enforcement with his great teamwork, work ethic, and leadership skills. In fact, Ronald was so deeply involved when serving in the law enforcement that he also became certified in many parts of law enforcement branches such as being able to undertake and partake in tactical, defensive, and warfare affairs.


Overall, Ronald Fowlkes served his country for numerous years and was involved in such significant roles that he should be recognized more so than he has. He has managed to get many great accomplishments such as being a veteran of the gulf war, being part of civil disobedient teams and much more. Ronald always puts others in front of himself and is one of the reasons he has built the reputation and the relationships he has throughout the years. He has been promoted constantly, put on a pedestal in terms of status, and is respected tremendously.